Vriesveem De Berg BV
Parkstad 4505
Minckelersstraat 3
6372 PP Landgraaf

T. +31 (0)45-5695960
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Vriesveem de berg, incorporates a state-of-the-art blending station, which  has been developed and is maintained by qualified  own personnel.

As all services (recipe preparation, production, laboratory) are available in house, any changes can be effected without delay, granting our customers flexibility and the ability to respond to market trends and special  requirements as needed, on time


The blending tanks are  equipped with  weight sensors, which measure and register any ingredient added to the blend. These weight sensors enable mixing products from either bulk, drums or any other packaging with high accuracy.


Blended products are either stored in bulk at our premises,  loaded into road tankers  or filled up in drums, IBC, or jerry cans.